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Estimate cost of treatment (No Surprise Act)

For most individuals, we anticipate that your treatment will require anywhere between 12-45 fifty-minute psychotherapy sessions in a 12-month period of time at a fee of $175/$205 per session. The duration and rate of your services will be dependent upon on the acuity of your diagnosis and the intensity of your symptoms. This will be determined during your initial fifty-minute psychotherapy assessment that will cost $175/$205.

Your estimated total cost of psychotherapy services will be between (12 x $175/$205 = $2100/$2460) and (45 x $175/$205 = $7857/$9225).

If you are participating in one of our Intensive Therapy Program, you will be charged the fee of those fees will be presented to you prior to your enrollment in that program as the fees will be dependent upon assessed need and applicable treatment design.

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