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Intensive Therapy



Program (ITP)

The In-Sight Transformative Therapy Group Intensive Therapy Program (ITP) was created to provide clients with an opportunity to experience  a deeper level of therapeutic processing in a shorter period of time. The ITP will primarily focus on these three core areas:

  • Addiction and Recovery.

  • Trauma Healing.

  • Relationship Repair.

Our specialized and experienced clinicians will provide each ITP participant with clinical experiences that will last 2-6 hours in duration and will take place over the course of 1 to 14 days depending on need. Participants may receive services in-person or remotely through tele-heath.

All clinical activities are geared to help participants process and heal in a very focused and efficient manner. 

Image by Ron Smith

What is  Intensive  Therapy?


Intensive Therapy includes a series of more frequent therapeutic activities that occur over a concentrated period of time. It allows for a significant amount of work to be done in a shorter span of time. These therapeutic activities may include - healing yoga, breathwork, psychiatric interventions, communication coaching, and individual/family trauma and addiction work.  The concentrated time allows individuals and families to undergo a deep exploration of their problem areas in a more efficient manner than one on one weekly therapy sessions.

What is an Intensive Therapy Program?


Intensive Therapy Program (ITP) is an In-Sight Transformative Therapy Group’s customized program where intensive therapy is applied to resolve individual and family therapy issues in a safe concentrated space. As a result, ITP participants are better able to understand the problems they are trying to solve, can apply the strategies they have learned right away, and can receive immediate feed-back to reinforce progress.

Benefits of Intensive Therapy 

All clients are assessed and screened prior to entrance to ensure that client(s) will benefit from the ITP level of care and matched with the right therapeutic team

In-Sight's ITP Process 





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