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Genoveva Avalos-Mireles, LCSW

Genoveva Avalos-Mireles is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW 21116). She works with adults, couples, adolescents, and children.  She has extensive experience leading groups in psychotherapy, psychoeducation, assertiveness, codependency, and women's specific topics.  In these groups, she has covered Recovery Basics (Matrix Model), emotion management, relapse prevention, anger management, mindfulness, and meditation.  She also has experience working with adolescents and their families in an Intensive Outpatient Program.  Genoveva is compassionate, empathic, and nurturing as well as clinically astute.  Genoveva has experience working with patients with cognitive distortions or past unresolved grief /loss or trauma, all of which can keep a patient trapped or stuck in the past,  paralyzed in the present, or with genuine fear.   She believes the therapist's role is to help and assist in this way and to facilitate a space for this healing growth.  She knows that the therapeutic alliance and trust between patient and therapist are essential and one they welcome in the discussion to help the patient.   

Genoveva views therapy as an individual process, with each client going through it individually, and she is always attempting to keep the patient safe by not re-injuring the patient. Genoveva draws from various therapeutic modalities. However,  at the core of her work, she utilizes attachment theory and molds the therapeutic work with this as the basis of her work with clients.  All interpersonal connections are relationships with mothers, fathers, siblings, friends, partners, colleagues, etc.  Too often, she has seen that many times the relationship with oneself is neglected.  If, in early life, attachments were not formed healthily, they can spill over into the present relationships consciously or unconsciously.  Genoveva also uses other modalities such as   Cognitive Behavior therapy, Mindfulness, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and motivational interviewing, EMDR skills, psychodynamic, strength-based, solution-focused, client-centered, etc.   


Genoveva is well-rounded clinically and culturally, always open to learning, and willing to be vulnerable and say she does not know something when she does not but will research and guide /advise accordingly.  Genoveva has experience with a multitude of issues she has worked with, but are not limited to, including Adjustment disorder, stress and work, Depression, Anxiety,  Bipolar Disorder, dual diagnosis addiction, grief and loss, trauma work, special needs issues (craniosynostosis, learning challenges, ADHD, and/or ADD), disability issues, couples therapy,  sexual identity and/or accepting one's self, Lesbian, Gay, bisexual matters.   Her work helps patients get "unstuck" from the pain of the past and fears of the future.  She helps patients find joy in their life. She welcomes and encourages their authentic self, genuinely listens to the patient's journey, and empathizes with them while allowing them to experience trust in a safe environment to help heal and work on their goals.

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